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Change the Keyfob Battery for a Land Rover Discovery 4 (2010-2016)

If you own a Land Rover Discovery 4 (2010-2016), you may need to replace the battery in your keyfob at some point. To change the keyfob battery in a Land Rover Discovery 4 (2010-2016), the process is straightforward and only requires the key, a new CR2032 battery, and a few simple steps.

Tools Needed:

  • Land Rover Discovery 4 keyfob
  • New CR2032 battery


1. Remove the Silver Strip: First, locate the silver strip on the keyfob. There will be a small arrow at the bottom side of the key. Slide the silver strip in the direction of the arrow. It should clip up and pull off easily, revealing the blade of the key.

2. Remove the Key Blade: Next, pull the key blade out. With the key blade removed, you will see a small hole. Insert the key blade into this hole and give it a gentle turn. This action will clip off the back and front of the keyfob.

3. Open the Keyfob: Once the back is unclipped, remove it and set it aside. You now have access to the battery compartment.

4. Remove the Old Battery: Using your nail or a small sharp object, carefully pull the old battery out of the compartment. Put the old battery to one side.

5. Prepare for the New Battery: Before inserting the new battery, push down gently on the battery compartment to ensure it is ready to hold the new battery securely. This step ensures a snug fit for the new battery.

6. Insert the New Battery: Take the new CR2032 battery and slide it into the compartment. Ensure that it is positioned correctly and fits tightly.

7. Reassemble the Keyfob: Align the back cover of the keyfob and press it down with a little bit of pressure until it snaps back into place.

8. Replace the Key Blade: Slide the key blade back into its original position in the keyfob.

9. Reattach the Silver Strip: Take the silver strip and ensure the L-shaped part is facing downwards. Push it into place and give it a slight squeeze to secure it.

Final Step: After completing these steps, your keyfob should be fully functional with the new battery. Test the keyfob by pressing the buttons to ensure it operates correctly.

Watch this video for a demonstration:

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